• FASHION DESIGNER (Clothes, Bags, Jewelries, Accessories...)

  • ENTREPRENEUR (GAD, LeoBella, GoldsaffronCBD...)


Business Development 

  • Strategic & Tactical Planning 

  • New Business Development 

  • Sales & Marketing 

  • Team Building & Leadership 

  • P&L / Financial Reporting 

  • Human Resource Management 

  • Contract Negotiations 

  • Client / Vendor Relations 

  • High-end Technical Training 

  • Policy / Procedure Formulation 

  • Public Relations & Speaking

Brand Essence Development & Brand Positioning 

  • Market Research 

  • Idea Generation 

  • Access Stakeholders Needs 

  • Interview Key Management 

  • Identify Client Touch Points 

  • Design Brand Identity & Architecture 

  • Visual Strategy, Logo Development, Outreach Campaigns, Social Media Tactics,

  • Web / Mobile App Development 

  • Creating product's claim of distinction 

  • Brand Statement, Taglines, Rallying Cry, Brand Mood

New Product Concept Design 

  • Feasibility Study 

  • Idea Development  

  • Aesthetic Interface Framework Creation 

  • Product Screening 

  • Preliminary Testing and Screening 

  • Break-Even Analysis 

  • Environmental Impact 

  • Final Design 

Manufacturing & Procurement 

  • Product Lifecycle Planning 

  • Process Selection 

  • On-site Quality Control 

  • Intellectual Property Protection 

  • Supply Chain Deployment 

  • Retail Product Launch 

Strategic Forecasting Planning 

  • SWOT Analysis 

  • Environmental Scanning 

  • Action Plan Implementation 

  • Performance Management 

Using a Systematic Approach for Creative Concept & Design Development, I've carried out multiple projects all the way to Commercialization; utilizing my 'hands-on' skillsets as well as executive responsibilities.  By that, I conceptualize and evaluate ideas combining art & form & functionality to craft a tangible interpretation of the product design idea.  I've successfully maintained a 99.5% client satisfaction rating track record, and have proven that my work to be aesthetic to the user and fiscally viable to the investor.  


"My ART is



My art is their language - Sara Kazimi 

My mission described in one word would be "Empowerment". Life, to me, all comes down to expression and our ability to harness this freedom so that the "voiceless" can eventually express themselves. My Mission is to head to conflicting regions and build Charter Schools, and this is what sparked me to create The World Orphanage Foundation. If it's not directly me working with these children, then it's me being the "voice" for them. My Art is their language. And that is how we unite to express ourselves. The World Orphanage Foundation targets children of multi-ethnic, multi socio-economic backgrounds and gift them with a pathway towards higher education, accelerated learning and opportunities to progress as one human race. 


List of Countries that I've been able to fund Charity work 

  • Afghanistan 

  • Africa

  • India

  • USA

  • Zambia 

  • And Over Dozens of other countries