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About Me


Hi, thanks for dropping by!

I'm Sara Kazimi, a believer in unity, art, and expression; and this philosophy has resonated in all of my work & personal life.  As the founder of LeoBella Inc and the World Orphanage Foundation, I've been able to fulfill this dream, and empower others with the same.  This passion as creator  & entrepreneur has connected with over 140,000+ loyal customers who all share that same mission.  From being uprooted in a tumultuousness war-torn region, in concert with the fact that I'm a woman now living in the United States, Expression; Freedom of Expression; Art; Empowerment runs synonymous with every project that I work on.  

Years prior while discovering myself, one of my biggest breakthroughs was in the success I achieved while working for the Banking Industry. It taught me structure, business structure, finance, and how to understand numbers, agreements, financial statements and the venture capital investment process.  All of this has provided me with the insight and knowledge to grasp the Entrepreneurial Spirit in my current work within Design & Fashion. ​

I have facilitated business relationships that enabled mutual understanding of varied market conditions and baseline commonality between diverse consumer populations. I build collaborative initiatives that ignite blended business strategy and productivity without impeding the cost or timeline of deliverables. 


I'm the Creative Director for LeoBella. We design premium luxury clutch purses & handbags. Each piece is designed and handcrafted to bring out the dazzling shine of the genuine Swarovski crystals that stipple its surface.  We also design Jewelry & Private Label in which every piece is created with exquisite workmanship and attention to detail.  In this role, I'm responsible for the creative strategy, production to procurement to maximize impact when entering a new market. I have been responsible for establishing, developing, and maintaining creative, conceptual, and design standards in line with established brand standards. 

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